• How to Pick the Right Eyeglasses for an Oblong Face

  •  Manish  | : Dec. 12, 2016, 5:53 p.m.
  • best eyeglasses for oblong face
  • Are you looking for the best option to buy eyeglasses for oblong face? Maybe you are buying for the very first time. Well, choosing right eyeglasses according to your face shape that compliments your facial feature is a crucial step while purchasing an eyeglass. Whatever we wear- dresses, eyeglasses, watches, even footwear for that matter becomes a part of our personality. People tend to relate us with that. Hence, wearing the eyeglasses that suits us is as important as dressing up well. Nowadays, it is easier to purchase an eyeglass as you easily get prescription eyeglasses online.


    How to pick the best eyeglasses for oblong face?


    • Eyeglasses for oblong face shape must be wider in shape. As the oblong face is a long face lengthwise but shorter widthwise.
    • The chin or forehead is also long, generally with a longer nose.
    • The best eyeglasses for oblong shape is the wider frames like pilot will give you the perfect contrast to your longer face and will make the face look well-proportioned rather than plain long.
    • You can also try few square frames that will look good on your face shape.
    • Whether you are looking for prescription eyeglasses for oblong face male or female or eyeglasses for computer users, just be careful about the shape of the frame.
    • Always avoid rectangular frames or narrow or short frames for oblong face.


    Where to buy designer prescription eyeglasses on cheap pricing?


    • You can buy designer prescription eyeglasses online.
    • Go for a well-known site for eyewear like Coolwinks. Designer prescription glasses cheap at Coolwinks is the best place to buy various types of glasses frames.
    • Check out the cool collection of best eyeglasses for oblong face shape.
    • Whether you want prescription glasses, sunglasses or computer reading glasses. You will get a lot of options at a hefty discount of 65 percent.


    Why online shopping for eyeglasses a good option?


    • You don’t need to go anywhere to buy your glasses. Does it from your system or smartphone anywhere anytime?
    • If you buy from reputed site, you need not worry in case you want to return the purchased frame. You will get your money back in such a situation.
    • Order prescription sunglasses online India with Coolwinks offers with huge discount on branded as well as designer frames.
    • You get time to think once you add the item to cart.
    • Online shopping saves your time.
    • Gives you more options with proper information about the product so that you have all the information with you before proceeding.


    Which are reputed brands for eyeglasses?


    There are many global brands that manufacture stunning eyewear for all face shape. On Coolwinks, you can find the following brands which are some of the world’s most renowned brands.


    • EBD: They have eyeglasses for all personalities and face shape. The built quality and durability is highly impressive.
    • XSTYL: We all know the brand when it comes to women cosmetics. The brand also is reputed one for eyeglasses. Check out the stylish collection at Coolwinks as it’s the best place to shop for prescription glasses
    • XSTYL First offers stylish eyeglasses for both men and women. A well-known brand among sports enthusiasts.
    • Graviate: The European brand offers high quality and affordable eyeglasses for men and women. 
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