• How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Oblong Face Shape?

  •  Manish  | : Dec. 22, 2016, 1:07 a.m.
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  • Sunglasses is a cool personal accessory which we all love to flaunt anywhere and anytime. One instantly feels like a celebrity after wearing them.  But to get the desired glamorous look, you should buy the sunglasses as per your face shape. Here, we will also tell you how to find perfect eyeglasses for oblong face shape and what’s the best website to buy sunglasses in India. People who don’t know the exact benefits of sunglasses also like to wear them on a sunny day. Other than protecting eyes it is the coolest fashion accessory.


    Tips for buying sunglasses for oblong face shape


    • Oblong face is more longer than it is wide. People with oblong face shape have cheeks which are usually longer and straighter than other face shapes and many times they have a longer nose.
    • Oblong faces usually have flat cheekbones and a long chin or forehead.
    • If you have longer face go for the glasses that are wide or bigger.
    • Best sunglasses for oblong face shape are the iconic pilot sunglasses. It compliments your facial features and helps you make an effective style statement.
    • Oblong face people should never try short frames or narrow frames as it will not look good on their face.
    • Also, rectangular frames are a big no when you are buying sunglasses for oblong face shape. These frames are just not for you.


    Which are the best brands of sunglasses for oblong face shape female and male?


    • Foster Grant: Buy them from reputed sites like Coolwinks.com and you can buy from many quality frames in all shapes. The good looking sunglasses are available at a heavy discounted price of 65 percent. So what are you waiting for, get the best deal on sunglasses for oblong face shape female and male online in India.
    • Reebok: Buy Reebok super stylish frames for all face type. The brand has an attractive collection of sunglasses for the youngsters. Buy Reebok sunglasses at a reasonable pricing.
    • Revlon: The multinational female cosmetic company offers attractive sunglasses. The gorgeous sunglasses look stunning on the wearer. Choose any wide frame for your face and you are ready to go out in style.
    • JRS:  The European brand offers stylish Sunnies for all face type. The frames are made up of high-quality frames. Choose them on heavy discounts from reputed eyewear online retailer. The brand collection has sunglasses both men and women. You can select from these when you order prescription sunglasses online India.


    Where to buy best sunglasses for oblong face shape at discounted rates?


    • Buy the quality sunglasses from a trusted site like Coolwinks. The website is also the best place to shop for prescription glasses.
    • The fully active customer support will help you in while you make purchase online.
    • What if you want to return a purchased eyewear? The hassle free refund policy ensures that the customer faces no problem.
    • You can choose from top brands to lesser known quality designer frames at a discount of around 65 to 70 percent.


    Coolwinks offers discount coupon codes which can be used for shopping. This is why it has been rated as the best place to shop for prescription glasses online in India.

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