• How to Care for your Eyeglasses

  •  Manish  | : June 28, 2017, 4:49 p.m.
  • how to care your eyewear
  • If you are a spectacle wearer, you know what a pair of glasses mean and how they aid you in seeing clearly. And so, they need a lot of care than anything. Because, you can’t buy a pair very frequently unless you love collecting different kinds of pair. And, you also agree that the care is in your hands only.


    So, here is a guide to quick and easy tips on how to ensure your eyeglasses last for a longer time.


    1. Handle with care


    Full rim glasses need less care but if it is a rimless pair or semi-rim frame, you need to take a good care to ensure they are durable. Because of the absence of enough frame protection, such styles are prone to breakage and cracks. When not in use, keep your rimless or semi-rim glasses in a strong and sturdy spectacle case.


    2. Opt for polycarbonate lenses


    Depending on your prescription, you can choose to go for polycarbonate lenses. These are relatively thinner than the standard ones. Plus, they are impact-resistant and quite durable.


    3. Choose full rim or metal frame for heavy prescription


    In case of a higher prescription, the lenses will be thicker. So, you need a full rim frame or semi-rim frame in metal which can support these lenses and reduce the chances of breakage.


    4. Cleaning your eyeglasses in the right way


    The life of your eyeglasses also depends on how you clean them. And the best way is to wash them under running water, preferably lukewarm. Use a small drop of mild liquid soap to free your frame and lenses from dirt and other particles. Now again rinse your glasses under a stream of running water. Clean them with a microfiber cloth to ensure there is no water left. This way the lenses will also be safe from getting scratched and will last longer.


    These are the major things you need to keep in mind if you are a spectacle wearer. No matter how often you wear your eyewear or how busy your lifestyle is, these small tips can help you make your eyewear last long.

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