• Here's How to Wear Make-Up with Eyeglasses

  •  Manish  | : Feb. 12, 2018, 3:37 p.m.
  • here how to wear make up with eyeglasses
  • Earlier, people with eyeglasses were contemplated as someone geeky and the thought of applying make-up with it, was far neglected. However, today, times have changed. It’s almost like debunking a myth when women style their eyes, focus on their eye make-up and gladly put on glasses with it. If you’re a first timer, here are some helpful tips to flaunt your make-up and glasses together 




    • Your frames will cast some shadow on the eyes which might make the under-eye area appear slightly darker than the skin color. To counter this, choose your frame color smartly. Keep in mind that darker shades tend to magnify any under-eye pigmentation.


    • Avoid applying any lining on the lower lashes if you have any discoloration or darkness under the eyes. If you really wish to, apply a corrector and concealer first and then go for the liner.


    • Planning on applying an eyeliner with the same color as your frame? Choose a shade one or two points lighter than your eye-frame color. This will keep the whole look balanced.






    • When applying eyeshadows, try and pick light and neutral shades. You can simply stick to some highlighter or go for a slightly bright eye shadow in case you wish to add some pop.


    • Do not go overboard with dark colors on your eye lids, this can make your eyes look tired.






    • To make your eyes look bigger and bolder, pump up your lashes with a curler before applying any mascara. This trick works even when there’s no mascara on.


    • Separate the lashes post any mascara application. This will help give out an even look after you wear glasses.


    • Make sure to completely dry the mascara before putting your branded eyeglasses on. This way you will get a tamed look, ready for the day.





    Choose your lip colors according to your frame color. If you’re wearing a dark frame, pick shades of pink, cherry or flush red. Whereas, a lighter frame would call for a neutral lipstick like coral and peach.




    Wearing big spectacle frames is also a great way to bring all the attention on the eyes. Dab a little pressing powder on the face to ensure there are no foundation chip-offs or residues sticking to your frame lenses throughout the day. Choose your prescription frames from Coolwinks to always look picture perfect with your make-up on!

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