• Guide to Buying Glasses Frames for Men in 2016

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 1:34 a.m.
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  • A simple method by which most people recognize others is by remembering faces. If you wear any kind of eyewear then it only makes it easier for others to recognize you. Glasses frames for men makes you look unique and your spectacle frames become a real part of your personality and your overall identity that you wish you portray to the world.


    Branded eyeglasses frames makes you look very youthful. They can also make you appear fun or serious, sophisticated or conservative and even style conscious if you are someone who loves following the fashion trends. Even if you wear the same eyeglasses everyday, well that says something about you too!


    • Eyeglasses helps in bringing out your personality.
    • Having more than one eyeglass is similar to owing multiple pairs of shoes. Each one serves a purpose. Eyeglasses can serve different purposes too.
    • Different lifestyle choices can result in the need for different glasses frames for men.
    • Frames for oval face male will not necessarily suit everyone.
    • The best eyeglasses frames for rectangular face is available at an online store like Coolwinks.com with a discount.
    • Classic shapes for glasses frames for men are rectangular, oval, square and round shapes.
    • Most men tend to buy conservative colors such as Black, Gold, Silver, Brown and Grey.
    • Plastic, metal and acetate frames are the commonly available spectacle frame materials.
    • Titanium is the most expensive material for glasses frames for men but its lightweight and sturdy.


    Where to buy glasses frames for men at a discount?


    It’s easy, at Coolwinks.com as we have the best discounts on branded eyeglasses frames. In 2016 we will be running many discounts or providing discount coupons which you can redeem to buy your most favored glasses online in India from anywhere at anytime. Our customer support agents will help and guide you through the purchasing process if you need help or encounter any issue.


    What is a fair price for glasses frames for men?


    A fair for for best eyeglass frames for rectangular face is approximately Rs. 2000 but Coolwinks discount allows you to purchase frames for rectangular face from just over Rs. 1200. We sell at a fair price to enable every customer access the world’s best vision care products and stylish eyewear.


    How to get discount coupon for glasses frames for men's face shape?


    Coupons are regularly available at Coolwinks which allows you to buy your favorite glasses frames for men at discounted prices.


    Can I add prescription lenses to branded eyeglasses frames when I purchase online


    Ofcourse. You can buy branded eyeglasses frames and add prescription lenses to your spectacle frames. Prescription lenses in glasses frames for men are the perfect tool for most vision correction needs. Glasses frames for men are designed keeping in mind that many customers may need to use them as prescription wear. Coolwinks provides this service. If you can have any doubts regarding this please get in touch with us.

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