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  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 2:03 a.m.
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  • Prescription eyewear are best suited for anyone who wants to enjoy wearing sunglasses with vision correction. They make life easy for anyone who wears them. Prescription eyewear are easily available online and in our guide today we will tell you how to select good prescription eyewear.


    How to select discount prescription eyewear?


    • Comfort and fit is vital for any user of prescription eyewear.
    • Ensure your prescription sunglasses conforms to your face shape perfectly.
    • If there is any discomfort, then change your frames and choose another.
    • Prescription shades can be bought online once you get your prescription from your doctor.
    • You can mention the prescription to Coolwinks customer support agents or during your order so we can deliver your high quality prescription sun shades with the correct vision corrective lenses installed in them.
    • Durability is also key to purchasing sun shades. Ensure the quality of frame is very good and browse branded shades on discount.
    • Titanium and steel metal frames last longer as they are more durable compared to other alloys or plastic.
    • Coolwinks is a discount eyewear website offering high quality products at reasonable prices.


    What are the frame sizes available?


    • Narrow fit is usually best suited for small face shape and sizes.
    • Medium or a Standard fit is recommended for a slightly bigger face shape.
    • Large fit is perfect for you if you have a wide face that needs a slightly larger sized frame for a comfortable fit.


    How much does it cost?


    Fortunately for anyone looking to purchase prescription shades, Coolwinks.com doesn’t charge any extra amount for the fitment of prescription lenses into your favorite choice of sunglasses frames. Feel free to select your eyewear from Foster Grant, LA Express, Reebok, Revlon and JRS sunglasses and order prescriptions for them.


    Prescription shades are available in a variety of frame styles. If you are looking to discount on square or rectangle sunglasses, you must look the regular Coolwinks discount collection. You will be pleasantly surprised to find branded sunnies at highly affordable prices.


    How to order for sensitive skin?


    It’s actually quite simple and you just have to follow a few tips when making your decision to purchase on discount.


    • Choose titanium or acetate material for frame spectacles.
    • Titanium and Acetate are lightweight and sturdy.
    • Both are hypoallergenic which means that they are unlikely to cause any skin infection in you.
    • They are most suitable for anyone with a sensitive or hyper-sensitive skin compared to plastic or metal-alloy based frames.
    • Coolwinks has several frame material and style options to choose from.


    Prescription sunglasses are extremely helpful for anyone who loves wearing sunglasses but needs to be able to see clearly. Sunglasses are useful in many environment and conditions. They are also less prone to leading infections that is naturally seen amongst users of contact lenses. Remember these tips and you will find yourself with an excellent pair of sunglasses that perfects your image and adds clarity to your vision and life.

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