• Eyewear Inspiration From Our Leaders

  •  Manish  | : Aug. 14, 2019, 11:23 a.m.
  • eyewear inspiration from our leaders
  • 15th August marks the very day when India achieved its long-desired freedom from the British. The toll and pain of the National leaders who gave their lives for India’s Freedom cannot be equalled with anything in comparison. In the humungous cluster of memories to get inspired from, there’s one item which still reminds us of their glorious lives – i.e. Eyeglasses.


    Today many political leaders are seen wearing various coolwinks eyeglasses styles. Some reminding us of historic leaders, while some act as a marker of their personal style - which people will remember for years to come. Let’s review some of their eyeglasses styles this time.


    Full Frame Eyeglasses:


    Full frame eyeglasses come with the lenses held by a metallic or plastic frame. These are considered to be the best way to highlight the eyes and make them look more noticeable. One can even opt for oversized & thick lenses in a pair of full-framed eyeglasses.


    full frame eyeglasses


    The full frame black eyeglasses adorned by Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, have clearly been his statement style.


    Half Frame Eyeglasses:


    These eyeglasses have only the top portion of the lenses covered by the frame. The lower portion is held or outlined by a thin wire. This type of frame offers a more sophisticated look to the wearer and are comparatively lighter than full-frame eyeglasses.


    half frame eyeglasses


    Political leader & the 7th deputy PM of India from 2002-2004 – Shri Lal Krishna Advani, has donned half-framed eyeglasses for many years now.


    Rimless Eyeglasses:


    Just as the name indicates, the lenses are directly connected to the nose bridge and the temples. These are considered to be apt for those seeking a more intellectual look. Those seeking comfort in eyewear, rimless eyeglasses are the best option. However, it requires a little bit of extra care due to the absence of rims around the lenses.


    rimless eyeglasses online


    Our current Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi, makes his appearances in a pair of rimless eyeglasses on every occasion, be it a formal speech or an interview.


    Ready to make these above looks a part of your life and lead in pride? Browse through our entire collections of full-frame, half-frame, and rimless eyeglasses from Graviate by Coolwinks, JRS by Coolwinks & Xstyl by Coolwinks.


    Wishing you a very Happy 73rd Independence Day!

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