• Eyeglasses to Go with Your New Year Outfits

  •  Manish  | : Dec. 28, 2017, 2:55 p.m.
  • eyeglasses to go with new year outfits
  • It’s that time of the year when we get all nostalgic on how quickly time flew and decide on what new resolutions will we be making for the year to come. Welcome 2018 with new dreams to fulfill, new passions to accomplish and an all new eyewear wardrobe. Whether you choose to go sophisticated or plan on taking risks with your new year outfits, there’s always an eyewear style waiting to complete the look. Here are 5 different eyeglasses which you can carry while bidding goodbye to 2017.



    1. Thin Metal Eyeglasses


    Planning on putting a palazzo, crop top and a winter-hat? All you need is a basic, smart pair of round metal eyeglasses to go the rock-chic way. Men who love to suit up or will be busy with work while the new year strikes the clock, can opt for slim metal eyeglasses to add that extra-element of urbanity.


    thin metal eyeglasses


    2.  Studded Eyeglasses


    You’re the one without whom the party never starts? Then you certainly are looking to up the glam-quotient on New Year. Go for studded eyeglasses this 2018. The bigger, the better. A perfect pair would be butterfly eyeglasses or oversized cateye eyeglasses with studs to add that shimmer to your look. You can also choose full frame eyeglasses with a glam glitter pattern.


    studded eyeglasses


    3. Black Eyeglasses


    An epitome of versatility – Black eyeglasses, will complement any attire and any look you carry and are a perfect, unfussy way to take on 2018. Men can go for tailored blazers and women with knee-length dresses - in case you plan on going out with your colleagues for a midnight meet-up. The best part is - you can celebrate your discreet and mysterious side all throughout the year in these eyeglasses.


    black eyeglasses


    4. Chic Eyeglasses:


    Neither too gaudy, nor too plain – is your motto. Your style is somewhere in between too basic and too glamourous. Anything over the edge will not suffice your taste. So, go for stylish chic-eyeglasses this New Year. These look edgy and appealing and aren’t too simple to look at. 



    chic eyeglasses


    Get all these eyeglasses and many more, for your 2018 New Year look on Coolwinks.com. With popular brands like Graviate, JRS & XSTYL, you get the best of eyewear styles - all at one place.

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