• Eyeglasses for Your Memorable First Days

  •  Manish  | : April 26, 2018, 12:48 p.m.
  • eyeglasses for your memorable
  • New Clothes – Check

    New Shoes - Check

    New Eyeglasses –??


    Everyone remembers their first day. Whether it’s school, college or workplace - the excitement of a new setting always makes us a little conscious and nervous at the same time. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With so many stylish new eye frames on board, Coolwinks eyeglasses are here to make your first days truly a memorable one. Find your pick from the list below -


    Sophisticated Pro-ness


    If that’s what you’d like to associate your personality with on your first day, go for some classic rectangle eyeglass frames. Want to add some effortless edge to the look? Grab ones in tortoise pattern. They will not only lend a professional look but will ensure you get all the attention from your social acquaintances.




    Agreeably Artistic


    Unconventional and a fan of the hipster subculture. You have all the elements of an off-mainstream style and only clubmaster eyeglasses can be your suitors. Clubmaster frames will give you the coveted brow attention on Day 1 which separates your unique artistic & creative personality from the crowd.




    Casually Comfortable


    Ease is your functional arena. Nothing too prim or too hippie catches your attention. Your style is more relaxed and comfy than the rest of the newbies around. Go ahead and grab a pair of branded retrosquare eyeglasses for your first day. They will lead you to the borderline of chic and elite without much effort in no time.




    Fashionista Forever


    You’ve fetched all styles from runway to real life. If there’s anything your closet doesn’t have, it’s probably because it hasn’t arrived in the fashion scene yet. Perfect for your personality are the stylish cateye eyeglasses. Bold, impressive and angular, these will complement your style on Day 1 and at all other events & occasions later.




    Nerd Alert


    It’s your first day and you’ve been tagged already. The most diligent one in the room, your round eyeglasses talk loud of your sincere love for work and dutifulness. The bold outline around your eyes has been your statement look for years now. You’re in love with your geeky looks and life without your rounders is unthinkable.



    Now that you’ve chosen your pick, head straight to Coolwinks.com and grab everything from branded to designer eyeglasses in trendy shapes and patterns for your new eyewear closet!

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