• Eye Care Measures To Follow During COVID-19

  •  Manish  | : March 26, 2020, 3:32 p.m.
  • eye care measures
  • We are now all aware of the disastrous impact of the COVID-19, or what we know as coronavirus. Originating from the Wuhan City of China, this virus has made its way across the globe, infecting millions of people. In this epidemic, advisories are regulated to isolate oneself to avoid contact with this virus.


    While we are washing hands and wearing masks, we must not skip taking care of our eyes. Doctors across the globe have stated that to avoid the risk of contracting this coronavirus, people should avoid touching their eyes & face with unwashed hands.


    Let’s take some safety measures for our eyes during this time:


    Avoid touching eyes with unwashed hands: Touching eyes, mouth, & nose with unwashed hands can get you contacted with the virus. In the present epidemic, advisories are being constantly regulated to wash hands for 20 secs or more & follow proper hygiene before touching eyes.


    avoid touching eyes with unwashed hands


    Do not keep your eyewear unattended: Especially at public places and/or hang them/ place them on passenger seats while using public transport.


    do not keep your eyewear unattended


    Clean your eyewear: Clean your eyeglasses & sunglasses at least thrice a day using alcohol-based cleaning wipes.


    clean your eyewear


    Avoid contact lenses & opt for eyewear: Wearing a lens inside your eyes involves touching them with your hands, which means more contact. Also, according to ophthalmologists, contact lens wearers touch their eyes more than any average person. Therefore, it is advised to avoid contact lenses for the time being and switch to high-quality eyewear. This would decrease any possible irritation and won’t let you touch your eyes.


    avoid contact lenses and opt for eyewear


    In addition to the above, it is vital to maintain personal hygiene constantly, especially during this epidemic. Remember to sanitize your hands and even if you feel itching in your eyes, use water rather than your hands.

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