• Explained: Regular v/s Comprehensive Eye Exam

  •  Manish  | : July 17, 2018, 3:05 p.m.
  • regular v/s comprehensive eye exam
  • Has this ever happened to you? You are set on the weekends to binge watch your favorite Netflix sitcoms, and to your credit, you are doing a fine job until there’s a slight niggle in your eyes which disrupts your rhythm. “Ah, I must be tired” - & just like that, another sign is swept under the rug.


    Look closer and you might find that these tell-tale indications might be pointing onto something serious. After all, you need your eyes to be at their best all the time. So, in order to make sure that your movie marathons and everything else involving your eyes, remain seamless, here are two ways to keep a check on your 6/6 vision -


    1. Regular Eye-Examination


    Also known as vision screening, this short eye check-up is performed by an optometrist & is designed to check the basic or potential aberrations or abnormalities in vision. Conditions like myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia & astigmatism, which collectively are also termed as refractive errors, are easily detected in a simple test & can be corrected through prescription glasses, contact lenses among others.


    need regular eye examination


    Regular eye exams are advised in case you have been facing trouble doing your basic course of action like reading a newspaper, driving a car or in general, are having issues in focusing. Remember, that such examinations are not meant to diagnose any disease you might have in regard to your vision. For such cases, you need to consult an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye check-up.


    2. Comprehensive Eye Check-Up


    As the word suggests, comprehensive eye exams can give you a detailed report of what might be potentially wrong with one’s physiology. Able to pick the early sign of neurological disorders, aneurysm, high blood pressure and most importantly brain tumor, a thoroughly done comprehensive exam is a must for an average adult once in every two years.


    comprehensive eye check up


    When it comes to your vision, a comprehensive eye test includes your eyesight history, pupil dilation exam & tonometry among others. This complete check-up helps in providing an effective cure for eye diseases. With gradual weakening of optic nerves through the time, it is highly recommended that everyone gets a complete inspection of their eyesight periodically.


    Hope this helps you in picking the right eye test the next time you twitch your eyes in pain. Stay glued to Coolwinks for more such insightful blogs and keep updating your collection with our wide assemblage of cool eyeglasses & sunglasses!

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