• Do you suffer from Dry Eyes? Here’s how to take care of them

  •  Manish  | : April 6, 2018, 3:13 p.m.
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  • ‘Dry eyes’ is a condition when there’s lack of moisture in your eyes. This can be due to less sleep, dry climate, heaters, air conditioning, prolonged screen exposure, prolonged use of contact lenses, and several other factors. You may suffer from heaviness in the eyes, burning sensation, sensitivity, fatigue, soreness, red eyes and even blurred vision in some cases.


    Watery eyes can also be an indication of dry eyes as in this case, the tears are over produced as a protective measure to prevent dryness. However, these are rather like an instant wash and are not the regular tears which coat the eyes with moisture. Similar to what happens when something gets stuck in the eyes.


    If you too are suffering from these symptoms, you must consult an eye doctor for specific treatments. Here are some quick measures you can take to treat your mild dry eyes –


    Use Artificial Tear Drops


    In most case, your doctor would suggest using artificial tear drops and ointments. Make sure to keep checking the expiry date as eye drops tend to expire sooner than most medications. These help to create and additional layer of moisture in your eyes keeping dry eyes away.


    tear drops


    Drink More Fluids & Blink Often


    People who are engrossed in their digital work atmosphere often forget to take their eyes off their screens and intake the required water content throughout the day. It also leads to less blinking. This is why dry eyes is common in people who sit across digital screens for long hours or wear contacts for extended period of time. The 20-20-20 rule is also suggested to people so that the eyes can adjust to natural light and can evenly moisturize.


    drink more fluids blink often


    Remove Any Eye Make-Up Before Sleeping


    Not removing your make-up every night can lead to anything from mild acne to skin infections. If the make-up gets clogged in the tear glands or sticks to the lashes or the eye lids, there are high chances of it entering the eyes and causing dry eyes or allergies. So, wipe all make-up traces before bedtime and use a cleanser or a face wash to clean the area, especially, around the eyes.


    remove any eye make up before sleeping


    Wear Quality Eyeglasses & Sunglasses


    Use branded computer eyeglasses designed to prevent the harmful effects to blue light which can lead to dry eyes. To prevent the eyes from further harm, use sunglasses which come with 100% UV protection and wear them every time you step outside in the Sun. Sunglasses are very useful in preventing the regular dust, wind and irritants rom getting into the eyes.


    wear quality eyewear

    Find yours from an array of popular brands on Coolwinks and take well care of your eyes by following the above tips.

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