• Corneal Abrasion: A Guide To Keeping It In Check

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 1, 2018, 10:45 a.m.
  • a guide to keeping it in check
  • One of the most common injuries, when we talk about eye care, is the corneal abrasion. As the name suggests, corneal abrasion can simply be defined as the damaged or scratch caused to the corneal region by foreign bodies. Causing discomfort and great pain in some cases, anomalies such as this require constant care with careful attention to the process of cure. The corneal region protects your iris and the pupil – so it is understandable why it hurts when even a minute particle gets in contact with the cornea. Without further ado, let’s focus our lens on what causes the titular problem, what comes attached to it and what can we do to plan a faster recovery.




    Anything from a tiny dirt bit, to catching a stranded hair right on the corneal surface from your beloved pet, to be at the receiving end of a high impact action to your eyes without the ideal protection can cause a corneal abrasion. Any foreign particle whose momentum is big enough to create a scrape on the cornea is a red flag on the list. Other factors which might prompt a doctor visit are: being present to chemically induced surroundings or indulging in outdoor activities without a proper gear, injuries caused by an eye infection, exposure to UV rays for a longer duration of time et al.






    An instinctive itchy reaction is the first thing you’re going to feel when a foreign body strikes your eye. Scratchy sensation, teary eyes, blurred vision are some symptoms which you are going to experience when facing abrasion issues. If left untreated for some time, an abrasion usually leads to pain during the muscular movements of the eye, redness and subsequent sensitivity to light.






    First thing first, self-medication is one thing which you should avoid in such a situation. Seek an ophthalmologist and lay down the symptoms in order to get a right course of treatment. Abstaining from self-advisory eye drops and ointments can help you a great deal when on a course of a recovery. Apart from the prescribed medicines, doctors sometimes recommend wearing an eye patch to keep the injured eye away from the exposures. Also, avert the usage of contact lenses till the abrasion is completely taken care of. If left untreated, corneal abrasion might result in complete vision loss.






    Sometimes, help is a bit out of reach. During such cases, we need to make sure that the trouble at hand doesn’t get worse. By the time you receive medical attention, just make sure not to rub your eye if it gets contacted with a foreign particle. Make it a point to rinse your eye with clean water or a saline solution.


    first aid for eye care


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