• Contact lenses or Eyeglasses – Which One You Should Go For?

  •  Manish  | : Feb. 5, 2021, 1:47 p.m.
  • contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • The debate between contact lenses and eyeglasses is an ongoing one that seems to never end. Some prefer the contacts whereas some prefer the glasses; also some prefer both. Contact lenses and eyeglasses both serve the same purpose – correct any vision problem. However, just like a coin has two sides, both the contacts and eyeglasses have their respective pros and cons.


    In this post, we would take a look at the pros or advantages of both the contact lenses and eyeglasses.


    First, let’s take a look at the history of both these.


    Contact lenses: The very first pair of contact lenses to be fitted over the human eyes was in the late 1800s. However, since it covered the eyeball completely, people complained about experiencing pain. Also, like every other body part, our eyes need oxygen. Covering them completely with these glass lenses suffocated them. Later towards the early 70s, soft contacts were introduced, leading to a more comfortable experience to the wearer.      


    contact lens


    Eyeglasses: They didn’t come into the picture before the 13th century. There were many designed made, comprising of magnifying glasses and even lenses filled with water to enlarge the prints of reading material. Over the gradual progression of technology, we are now using lightweight & durable materials for creating long-lasting eyeglasses.


    eyeglasses online


    Now let’s shed some light over their advantages.


    Advantages of Contact lenses:

    • They adapt to the curve of the eyes, therefore, offering an unhindered wider field of view.
    • They don’t get in the way of your performing day to day activities and even while playing.
    • They won’t clash with whatever type or style of dresses you are wearing or buying.
    • They are available in various colors in case you want to change your eye color.
    • They won’t be affected by the weather conditions, thus staying free from fogging up.


    advantages of contact lenses


    The only downside of using contact lenses is that they need very special care and proper handling. One small mistake and the usability of the lenses can be ruined. Opticians always recommend going for contact lenses only when you are confident enough to take care of them.


    Advantages of Eyeglasses:

    • They offer protection against environmental factors such as dust, dirt & debris, & wind.
    • They are available in different frame styles, designs, and shapes to let you make a bold statement.
    • They are generally cheaper than contact lenses since you don’t need to change the glasses unless you break them or your prescription changes.
    • They won’t intensify the problems of dry or sensitive eyes if you are suffering from them.
    • They are even available in photochromic lenses & blue light blocker lenses to aid in indoor/outdoor activities & usage of digital devices with ease.


    advantages of eyeglasses


    Eyeglasses don’t have any such downside except for being prone to get damaged or lost if you are not careful. Especially children often forget where they have kept the glasses. Likewise, even adults face issues of losing their specs or the lenses getting damaged.


    So, Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses? Or Both?


    Due to the advancing lens technology, people can wear both contact lenses successfully if they wear eyeglasses. Now you can have the prescription (power) of eyeglasses instilled in the contact lenses. Therefore, the ultimate decision of wearing eyeglasses or contacts is completely a matter of personal choice & preference.


    However, keep in mind to always consult an ophthalmologist if you are planning to switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses. And if you are using contact lenses at present, always keep a pair of high-quality contact lenses handy to get a break from contacts or in case you need to stop wearing contact lenses due to some eye irritation/infection.


    eyeglasses or contact lenses or both


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