• Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses- Know Which Ones to Choose

  •  Manish  | : April 5, 2017, 11:17 a.m.
  • contact lenses vs eyeglasses
  • Choosing to wear lenses or eyeglasses is all about personal preference. And factors like comfort, maintenance, ease of wearing and budget contribute in the decision making while you are buying either of the two. And if you think one is better than the other, then you should know that both contacts and eyeglasses have their own pros and cons.


    1. 1. Contact Lenses




    • They are comfortable to wear especially when you are indulging in any sort of outdoor activity like playing sports, gymming, etc.
    • Climate doesn’t impact lenses and they don’t fog up in cold weather
    • You can change the look of your eyes by trying colored lenses
    • They get affixed on the curvature of the eye which gives you a broader field of view




    • Wearing contact lenses can be a bit difficult for the beginners and require a technique and practice to wear them smoothly which comes over time
    • Wearing contacts can cut the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes, causing the problem of dry eye syndrome
    • Working on computers for prolonged periods wearing contact lenses may increase the chances of computer vision syndrome
    • Contact lenses require a lot of care and maintenance every single day because they are too delicate and if not cleaned properly may lead to eye infections
    • If you sleep with your contacts on, your eyes might get dry, red and itchy when you wake up


    1. 2. Eyeglasses




    • Your eyes are less prone to infection because when you wear eyeglasses, you don’t need to touch your eyes
    • If you already have a problem of dry or sensitive eyes, eyeglasses are a better option that contact lenses
    • Unlike contacts, you don’t have to worry about replacing your eyeglasses often and so, in that way they are inexpensive than contacts
    • You can experiment with your looks and make a bold fashion statement because spectacle frames come in stylish designs
    • Eyeglasses shield your eyes from dust and wind




    • Not everyone likes to wear eyeglasses because they hide certain features
    • If you have a strong prescription, then you will have to wear glasses with thick lenses and your eyes will appear magnified
    • In cold weather, your glasses will attract fog which will disrupt your vision, especially if you are driving   
    • There are chances of developing marks on the nose due to nose pads of eyeglasses which is generally a case with metallic frames worn for prolonged duration


    With all these pros and cons of both contact lenses and eyeglasses, you must be now clear about which one to buy. Actually speaking, it is good to own both.


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