• Children’s Day Special | Eye Care Guide For Kids

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 14, 2018, 3:54 p.m.
  • eye care guide for kids
  • Digitization has transformed the world, especially for our younger generation who are surrounded by devices and screens from all four corners. Kids are already keeping a tab on the latest tech-entries in the market while we are still struggling to catch up. Though that is surely exposing new avenues of learnings for them, it is also a cause of concern for their sight. So, it is imperative that we talk about their eye health while they hop from one gadget to another. This Children’s Day, let’s make sure we check these pointers out to ensure that our kids have perfect vision to embrace & enjoy the vast digital universe -


    Notice The Signs


    Make sure to keep a check on your kid’s screen-viewing time & observe any vision shortcomings. If they come home with incomplete work and complain of headaches or blurry vision, they might require an eye exam. Schedule an appointment if they find it difficult to read from the blackboard or have watery eyes while concentrating on reading.


    notice the signs


    Go For Regular Eye Exams


    The quality of eye check-ups has improved multifold as compared to the past decades. Today, with high-end machinery & advanced methods, eye doctors can easily detect many conditions with a simple eye exam & provide the best resolution to your child. Don’t wait for the above signs to show. Regular eye check-ups will ensure you get a head-start - saving time, money & your kid’s perfect sight.


    go for regular eye exams


    Take Action


    Take help from your eye doctor if your child does face any trouble. If a refractive error is detected, your optometrist might recommend prescription eyeglasses to treat the same. For amblyopia, your little ones might have to wear an eye patch for a while. Also, make sure you cap your kid’s screen time on electronic gadgets & encourage them to play outdoors. Visual activities & indoor games will be great to keep their sight in check if they feel less motivated to go outside.


    Eat Right


    In the end, a balanced diet goes a long way in keeping vision perfect, especially for kids. Making them eat green leafy vegetables & fruits everyday will add required nutrients to their body and help in maintaining a healthy eye sight.


    eat right


    For more such tips & articles on your child’s eye care, stay tuned to Coolwinks.com.

    Wishing you a very Happy Children’s Day.

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