• Caring & Cleaning For Sunglasses

  •  Manish  | : July 3, 2020, 12:28 p.m.
  • caring and cleaning for sunglasses
  • Just like everything needs proper care, so do your sunglasses. Even though whether you have recently bought a new pair or are using an old one, you simply want to ensure that they last as long as possible. The most effective way to ensure the same is to properly care for them. In this blog, we will learn about how to care for your sunglasses and keep them clean & germ free.


    First, The Basics:


    When caring for sunglasses, the first & foremost thing is to keep them in their respective cases when not in use. There can be times when you are tempted to causally throw your sunnies around or simply keep them where you shouldn’t. In doing so, you unknowingly damage the lenses as well as the frames. People tend to handle their eyeglasses delicately but sunglasses are loosely handled oftentimes. Since the case serves as a shield for the shades, it is one of the smart places to safeguard your sunglasses.


    irst the basics


    Also, it is important to check the fittings of the sunglasses periodically. You would not like the sunglasses to suddenly fall on the go just because of a loose screw. You can easily tighten the screws with the proper tool if you happen to have them or else you can always take them to an optical store for doing so.


    Cleaning Sunglasses


    Cleaning sunglasses regularly is very important. But don’t just clean them with anything your hands reach. Avoid using the loose ends of clothes since the dust and dirt particles present on the clothes can leave scratches on the lenses, in turn, hampering the functionality and the vision. The best is to use a selvyt or a soft absorbent cloth which comes with your eyewear plus proper lens cleaning solution. Or else you can try out the lens cleaning wipes that are pre-moistened and are well effective in doing the needful. Coolwinks lens cleaning wipes do the job perfectly well. Also, don’t use your spit or breath to clean the lenses. It’s not only a bad fix but also an unhygienic one.


    cleaning sunglasses


    So, do take good care of your sunglasses and if you are looking for high-quality lens cleaning wipes, Coolwinks.com is there for you. Grab the pre-moistened alcohol-based lens cleaning wipes that can clean the lenses effectively and free them from dirt, dust, smudges, and germs.

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