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  • Buying Prescription Eyeglasses Online India

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 2:32 p.m.
  • Many of us working through our lives underestimate the importance of eye health. Many work over 10 hours a day and over 5 days in a week and there’s hardly any time left to go see an optician. But safe guarding our eyes is extremely important. Latest research shows that hundreds of thousands of people around the world including India have some form of eye injuries or disability. You can buy prescription eyeglasses online India at affordable prices which fortunately can help you avoid injuring your eyes and improve your vision.


    Prescription eyewear is considered the best form of eyewear for improving your vision.


    • Prescription safety glasses online India uses specifically made lenses that is used to correct a wide number of vision related problems.
    • Buying prescription safety glasses online is a personal matter and one needs to go about it carefully.
    • Coolwinks is a great place to purchase cheap prescription glasses at affordable rates.
    • Designer eyeglasses can be bought at reasonable prices and you can fit prescription lenses into them.
    • Designer eyeglasses mens are the perfect choice for looking good and improving your vision with corrective lenses.


    Keep these in mind before buying prescription eyeglasses online India


    Before you buy prescription eyeglasses online India it’s important to understand prescription so that you can correctly choose your lenses.

    • Sphere — The sphere is considered an important part of the prescription. It’s measured in plus or minus which indicates farsightedness or nearsightedness respectively.
    • Cylinder — If you have astigmatism in your eyes it’s likely that your prescription will mention cylinder. It can fix the blurry or distorted vision resulting from curved or imperfection in the eyes.
    • Addition — This is used for making reading glasses or bifocal and varifocal prescription safety glasses online.
    • AXIS — This is used to reveal the exact point in your eyes where astigmatism is present. It will help your optometrist decide where to put the cylinder lens must be added.
    • Prism — Squint and lazy eye can be fixed with a prism as it allows both eyes to work together. However, it doesn’t correct distance related issues.


    Choosing frames for prescription eyeglasses online India


    • You can opt for rimless eyeglasses online shopping when you order prescription sunglasses online India.
    • Rimless eyeglasses are quite light weight with minimal use of metal.
    • Prescription glasses for computer use are perfect if you need vision correction when using your computer or laptop throughout the day.
    • It will reduce strain on your eyes and prevent your vision from further deterioration!
    • Cheap prescription glasses are best purchase online from websites like Coolwinks that give excellent discounts and regular coupon codes making it easier for you to purchase.
    • Always purchase frames which conform to the size and shape of your face. Don’t purchase frames giving priority to the outfit you are wearing on a particular day.
    • Shopping online will save a lot of money and time and you can get discounted designer eyeglasses at cheap prices.


    When you shop at Coolwinks you will get free shipping and cash on delivery options on all purchases. Our hassle free returns ensure a peace of mind when you shop with us.

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