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  • Buy Cheap Polarized Prescription Sunglasses in India

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 2:54 p.m.
  • Polarized sunglasses are tremendously popular in India. Their sales have surged in recent months. At Coolwinks we see hundreds of orders for polarized sunglasses on a regular basis. Cheap polarized prescription sunglasses have seen a gradual increase in demand due to the triple benefit of vision correction, UV protection as well as polarization from these polarized prescription sunglasses.


    How to pick polarized sunglasses for men online or for women?


    • Cheap sunglasses also filter out reflective light and remove the glare.
    • This improves vision clarity when you don’t have to deal with glare directly in your eyes.
    • Light is essentially made of waves which are traveling in various directions.
    • Horizontal light is bad for our eyes and it’s known primarily for causing glare.
    • Polarized prescription sunglasses online allow vertically aligned light which is important for clear vision.
    • Clubmaster sunglasses online India also cut out the glare from water, snow and even surfaces like concrete all of which are highly reflective of sun rays.
    • Polarized sunglasses for driving are also known as anti-glare sunglasses for driving.
    • When used for riding motorcycle or driving your car it can improve your vision clarity by a large amount as it cuts out unwanted glare which also results in a safer driving experience.
    • Tinted lenses only reduce the light passing through but they may not cut the glare or provide ample UV protection.
    • Cheap polarized prescription sunglasses sold at Coolwinks comes with 100% UV rating.
    • Always buy sunglasses with a minimum UV rating of UV400 which ensures 99% of UVA and UVB rays of the sun are eliminated ergo providing safety to your eyes during prolonged usage.


    Top brands for cheap round sunglasses online India in India


    You can purchase prescription lenses along with the frames from the following brands. Coolwinks will install your prescription lenses at no extra cost into the following branded eyewear frames.


    • Foster Grant — The top sunglasses manufacturer in the world sells their new Signature Edition sunglasses in India through Coolwinks.
    • Reebok — The world’s leading high performance sportswear brand which also makes some of the best polarized sunglasses for men and women with an active lifestyle.
    • LA Express — A top brand part of the Foster Grant family comes all the way from Los Angeles to bring you contemporary sunglasses and eyeglasses frames.
    • Revlon — Top cosmetics maker in the world for women makes some of the best designer ladies sports polarized sunglasses.
    • Safe riders — Makes some of the most affordable polarized motorcycle sunglasses for people who enjoy riding and driving.


    If you have an outdoor lifestyle or are a sportsman, then polarized sunglasses for men are your best bet. Women love their ladies sports polarized sunglasses which are easily available online at Coolwinks.


    What is a fair price for cheap polarized prescription sunglasses?


    Polarized sunglasses price usually starts from Rs.1000 onwards. Coolwinks is always giving out discount coupons or flat discounts on a regular basis which you can use to get the best branded cheap round sunglasses online India at cheap rates. Never compromise on the safety of your eyes while spending a few hundred rupees can safeguard and prolong your eyesight for the rest of your lives.

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