• Bifocal Reading Glasses Buying Guide

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 18, 2016, 3:05 p.m.
  • bifocal reading glasses
  • Bifocal reading glasses are extremely useful in treating disorders of the eye such as myopia and presbyopia. Usually bifocal glasses are used to treat two disorders at the same time. If you require correction for various issues of the eye, then you might be wondering what glasses will suit you the best. Knowing the correct designer reading glasses will help you in making an informed purchase online.


    Invention of these amazing bifocal reading glasses for spectacle frames has been credited to Benjamin Franklin and he was always the first one to wear this type of spectacle lenses. John Isaac Hawkins credited Benjamin Franklin for these lenses after creating trifocal lenses. But it was only in 1955 that Irving Rips created the first bifocal that was seamless and became the first progressive lens.


    Most bifocal eyeglasses are designed such that the lower half of the bifocal reading glasses for men is perfect for close viewing and the upper half is suitable for viewing farther. Bifocal reading glasses for women are also similarly designer where the lower half is most convex and the upper half is least convex. The flexibility of having your designer reading glasses offer best of both worlds is not great but also simply convenient.


    • There are various places where you can buy these polarized bifocal sunglasses.
    • Designer polarized sunglasses with bifocal lenses are now gaining popularity.
    • You can purchase these in India from Coolwinks.
    • Coolwinks provides discount offers which you can use towards reducing the cost of your designer reading glasses online purchases.
    • You will save on time and money when you purchase bifocal reading glasses online with sunglasses coupon codes.
    • Most bifocal lenses fit into eyewear frames that you can get from websites such as Coolwinks.
    • You can get discounted reading glasses with anti-glare properties.
    • Anti-glare bifocal reading glasses reduces eye strain and improves the longevity of your eyes.
    • After the age of 40 presbyopia is known to be common. Having an excellent pair of bifocal lenses on your glasses frames can prove to be highly useful and also necessary.


    Research has shown that these bifocal reading glasses are useful in controlling myopia in children as well as adults. A good optometrist will help you get the right prescription which you can then use to purchase the right spectacle frames online for your bifocal reading glasses.


    Sometimes bifocal reading glasses are known to cause headaches but this is easily resolved by trifocals or monofocal lenses that can be used while using working on your computer. Most people rarely experience issues wearing bifocal reading glasses. So you needn’t be worried about using them. As long as you have consulted an optometrist regarding purchase and use of bifocal eyeglasses then you will find great use for these eyewear.


    Coolwinks provides up to 65% discount on select glasses. Do search for offers that will give you an excellent deal on purchase of high quality branded sunglasses and eyewear that will last you for many years. You can also speak to their customer support agents who are trained opticians who are happy to assist you with your pre-sale queries.

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