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  • Benefits and Issues of Buying Wrap Around Sunglasses

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 17, 2016, 6:06 p.m.
  • If you wanted the ultimate protection from dust or the sun then buying wrap around sunglasses for protection of your eyes is your best bet. They provide comprehensive protection to your eyes but purchasing the correction wrap sunglasses can be difficult sometimes. There are pros and cons of using wrap around sunglasses. But, we are here to help you learn all about them.


    Many benefits of using wrap around sunglasses everyday


    • They provide high level of protection.
    • Sport specific mens wrap around sunglasses India allows you to limit glare from surfaces made of snow or ice.
    • Wrap around prescription eyewear is perfect while driving as it prevents any sun light from hitting your eyes from weird angles. 
    • The best mens wrap around sunglasses will seal perfectly against your face and keep all sunlight away from your eyes.
    • Protect your eyes against UVA and UVB rays effectively. 
    • They can shield wind and other dust particles from entering your eyes.


    Few Issues with buying wrap around sunglasses


    • Buy wrap around sunglasses with minimum UV rating of UV 400. Any lower it won’t be as effective.
    • A poor quality lens on a wrap around sunglasses can distort your visibility around the edges as its difficult to provide clear visibility as a lens is bent.
    • Be careful of the tints you use when buying wrap around sunglasses.  


    How to select tints for wrap around prescription eyewear?


    When selecting wrap around prescription eyewear make you select tints based on your requirements.

    • Yellow or Orange tints are suitable for Indoor use or when driving your car at night.
    • Amber or Red is perfect if you engage in different water sports or snow sporting events.
    • Copper or Brown tinted wrap around prescription eyewear is suitable for Golfing and water sport type activities.
    • Green tinted wrap around sunglasses are useful for playing cricket or basketball.
    • Grey tint is usually perfect for all outdoor sports activities.


    What is the best site to order wrap around sunglasses India?


    There are many websites that sell eyewear online in India today. But, websites like are dedicated online eyewear shops that sell exclusively sell eyeglasses frames, prescription lenses and wrap around prescription eyewear online.

    Our website is safe and secure as we use the best security an data encryption methods to safe guard your personal identity and payment information when you make any purchases on our website. has the widest collection of wrap around sunglasses in India for your consideration.


    Can I get details about wrap around sunglasses prescription?


    Wrap around sunglasses prescription requirements are not any different than regular prescription sunglasses. If you are currently using prescription eyewear then you can purchase wrap around sunglasses frames with polarized prescription lenses to meet your requirements.

    Your current doctor’s prescription for normal lenses is sufficient to purchase wrap around sunglasses.

    If you need any assistance with purchasing your first wrap around sunglasses then simply our contact customer care agents. Please note that Coolwinks customer support executives are optical experts who are ever ready to help and assist you with your wrap around sunglasses purchases anytime.

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