• Are you Buying the Right Sunglasses for Kids?

  •  Manish  | : Aug. 8, 2017, 1:21 p.m.
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  • Since the time your child has arrived in this world, you have been doing things carefully, be it buying the right clothes, food, toys, or anything for your kid. You are very particular about the routine of your little one and cautious about health too. But are you actually taking enough care of your child’s eyes? Kids these days spend most of their time outdoors and you cannot control them all the time. So, it is better to find the right sunglasses for them that they will enjoy wearing and will also keep their eyes protected against the harmful impact of the sun’s UV rays? Here is how you can buy good quality kids sunglasses for them:


    1. Choosing the right color of lenses in sunglasses for kids



    To block the sun’s high energy light or blue light from getting into your kid’s eyes, opt for junior sunglasses with amber or copper colored lenses that enhance color contrast too. Or better, go for grey lenses as they have the tendency to absorb all colors equally, enabling kids to see in natural colors. 


    2. Selecting sunglasses styles



    When it comes to sunglasses for kids, the collection is unlimited. The styles are colourful and available in almost all shapes like oval, round, rectangular and cat-eye. But wraparound sunglasses are a major trend among kids and yes they offer maximised coverage to eyes and skin around the eyes.


    When buying children sunglasses, material matters a lot. So, ensure you buy plastic ones with a smooth finish. Plastic sunglasses are ideal for kids and can stand the daily wear and tear.


    At Coolwinks.com, you can buy boys sunglasses as well as girls sunglasses offered by the brand JRS. The collection from this brand includes round, retro square, pilot, and other styles in children sunglasses. You will also find some crazy offers that you would not want to miss while doing online shopping of junior sunglasses. So, browse and explore the catalog and give your kid, the best gift for the eyes.

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