• A Sunglasses View For Every Occasion

  •  Manish  | : May 23, 2018, 10:40 a.m.
  • sunglasses for every occasion
  • Clickety click! Let the cameras turn around ‘cos the showstopper is here. Be it a gathering, social or business, or something off the plan, we all look to ace our look whenever we step out. It simply goes without saying that style is all essential in today’s time. Different occasions require different finesse & we are forever ready for the task in our hand. So, with our style goal in place, why don’t we give it a complete check by pairing them with the best sunglasses in the business? Seems only fitting right.


    So, let the drum roll start and the carpet roll down, ‘cos we’re here for the fashion showdown. (oh, these rhyming skills).


    Getting Ready For The Wedding


    Gearing up for the hottest celebration? It’s really a no-brainer that we all have to be at our best when we attend such social gatherings. After all, we simply don’t want to cringe looking at those ugly wedding photographs. So, ladies, when you are donning that favourite lehenga or the sumptuous looking gown of yours, just pair them with the flashy round sunglasses or the uber cool cateye sunglasses to complete your look. 


    getting ready for the wedding

    As for the boys, get your picture-perfect look with the classy sherwani by clubbing it with the quintessential appeal of the retrosquare sunglasses. With its easy-going aesthetics adding to your charm, you’ll be headlining the event in no time.


    Acing The Corporate Look


    If it hadn’t been for the corporate setup, lord knows what would have happened to the formal styling. For all the company’s annual events & parties - club your dress with sunnies which further accentuate your presence in a room full of people. For such planned outing, we recommend clubbing your lavish suits with the classic-looking clubmaster shades. With design elements signifying an elite presence, these sunglasses will get you a VIP all-access pass in a matter of time.


    acing the corporate look


    Tuning Up The Guitar


    Planning to attend the most happening concert in town? Well, tune up the band and style to your best with rocking wraparounds and fashionable pilot shades with your vibrant casual outfits. With the ever glowing presence courtesy the aforementioned eyewear, you’ll surely garner a cult following similar to a celebrity for the uninhibited style you represent.


    tuning up the guitar

    For the ones above and more such styles, visit coolwinks.com & explore the array of sunglasses frames by popular brands like JRS, Foster Grant, Fave, Elite & many more!

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