• A Handy Men’s Guide to Wearing Glasses

  •  Manish  | : April 3, 2017, 3:49 p.m.
  • a handy mens guide to wearing glasses
  • Wearing prescription eyeglasses has become a part of one’s life. There are several reasons responsible for weak eyesight- hereditary factors, excessive working on digital screens and not including adequate nutrients in your diet chart. But the reality is a majority of people including young and small children and men are seen wearing eyeglasses. But when it comes to the young men, wearing eyeglasses have become more of a style statement. Because of the fashion awareness and the amazing collection of branded spctacles frames today, is all about purpose with style. More importantly, your eyeglasses should be according to your face type, no matter what style is trending.


    And this is where many men find it difficult to wear their eyeglasses in a right way. So, here is a small guide.


    Frame Material


    While choosing a perfect pair of eyeglasses, you must consider the material of your frame. However, spectacles frames are mainly available in metal, plastic and cellular acetate, you can choose as per your suitability and choice. Like if your skin is sensitive and prone to allergies, frames made in titanium and stainless steel are recommended. On the other hand, acetate frames have their own advantages.


    Choosing Frames According to your Face Shape


    No matter how much you like a style in eyeglasses, if it is not complementing your face shape, do not go for it. Before buying any pair, analyse your face shape and then take your decision. If you have a round face, square and rectangular frames are good, if you have a square face, oval and round frames are good, for a heart face, rounded and cat-eye are best and for oval face shape, rectangular are great.


    Lens Type


    You will find lens made in either fibre or glass. While glass lenses are thin as compared to fibre ones, you will still find the latter much better. Because firstly, fibre lenses are durable and secondly, they are much lighter than their glass versions.


    Frame Color


    There was a time when men were scared of trying bright colored eyeglasses, but today, you will find quirky and eye-catching shades in spectacles for men. Starting from reds to purple and shades of green, there are so many color choices. However, black is evergreen, versatile and suits almost every one.


    If you keep these 4 major points in mind, you will never buy a wrong pair. If looking to upgrade your eyewear, Coolwinks.com serves as an ultimate shopping destination. You will find here computer eyewear, prescription glasses, reading glasses all styles in shades for men and women.

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