• 6 Easy and Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy

  •  Manish  | : June 23, 2017, 6:23 p.m.
  • easy and effective ways to boost energy
  • When do you feel tired? Very rare or all the time? Also, are you aware of the reasons that are making you feel lethargic? Well, there can be many reasons and factors. It could be sleep deprivation, not having enough water, low levels of vitamin B12, stress, no or very less physical activity or anything. Whenever your body is low in energy, you lack concentration, your productivity decreases and probably you only feel like sleeping more and more.


    While your fatigue is no less than a mystery, here are 6 essential tips on how to boost your energy levels and stay active all throughout the day.


    1. Balance your circadian rhythm


    balance your circadian rhythm

    If your circadian rhythm, means your sleep-wake cycle, is not in sync with 24-hours cycle, your body tends to feel drowsy and tired. So, ensure you maintain your circadian rhythm, by sleeping and waking up daily at the same time. For this you will have to stick to good and sound sleep habits.


    2. Limit the amount of carbs and increase protein intake


    Too much intake of carbs can drain out the energy from your body. So, keep your daily intake below 150grams. While proteins are a great source of energy so you don’t have to cut on its intake. It is best to divide your daily meals like this:


    In breakfast, include bread, muffins, one egg, and a glass of milk.

    In lunch, an apple, two servings of vegetables, a slice of bread and one ounce of cheese.

    In dinner, three servings of vegetables, one serving of fruits, and two servings of starchy carbohydrates.  

    With all this place, make sure, you are having meals daily at the same time only.


    3. Meditate everyday


    Meditation is a proven way to deal with stress and ultimately increase body’s energy level. But, when your mind thinks too much, your body also feels tired. So, meditate every morning for at least 5-10 minutes to calm down your mind, relax your body and decrease stress which comes with the daily routine.


    4. Include workout in your daily regimen


    To fight fatigue, exercising is important. But many believe workout makes you feel tired. On the contrary, your body uplifts itself during a workout to meet the challenge for extra energy and becomes stronger. Thanks to the mitochondria, located in the cells that act as tiny power plants for yielding energy.


    5. Do something relaxing before going to sleep


    While you are all set in your bed to sleep, you can do little things to unwind your body. Rather than working on a laptop or cellphone, that emit blue light, it is better to read a book or watch television to minimise the effect of brightness, which can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle.


    6. Care for your eyes


    In your body, eyes are also essential parts that do so much even more than hands and legs. All throughout the day, the muscles of your eyes work non-stop and they too get tired. This can lead to headache and feeling of drowsiness. So, wear good quality sunglasses when going out and eyeglasses for general use.

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