• 5 Vital Eye Care Tips For Monsoon

  •  Manish  | : July 9, 2019, 4:24 p.m.
  • eye care tips for monsoon
  • The uneasy and intolerable heat of the summer makes us pray for the rains. Monsoon quenches the intolerable heat and its associated discomfort however, just like every coin has two sides, the cheerful season of clouds, too, brings many uninvited guests along including eye infections.


    The very first shower entices us to throw off our guard and get wet whilst enjoying the rain. Also, getting caught in the “unannounced” rainfall leaves us all soaked up, from head to toe. And, the probability of coming into contact with such infections also increases during this time of the year.


    In this blog, we’ll take a peek into some of the easy-to-implement measures to prevent eye infections during monsoon:


    Wash your eyes properly and thoroughly:


    Keeping eyes clean is extremely vital for proper sight. Whenever you get wet during the rains or have to face loads of dirt/dust particles, wash your eyes as soon as possible. This would prevent the dirt/dust particles from settling down or causing any irritation to the eyes.


    wash your eyes properly


    Avoid usage of common towels:


    Do not share your personal handkerchief/towel and also don’t use the same of others’ to avoid chances of getting eye infection and allergies.


    avoid to use common towels


    Avoid self-medication:


    Just because you have an eye drop at your disposal doesn’t mean it can be used now. It might increase the rate of infection and make it worse. Rather, book an appointment with an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.


    eye drops


    Wear Sunglasses:


    It is best to keep sunglasses handy. It helps in keeping the eyes from coming into contact with the dust or dirt particles during the gusty windstorms, thus, preventing the eyes from any harm.


    wear sunglasses


    Avoid contact lenses:


    The chances of getting an infection is higher if a person is wears contact lenses during this season, especially out in the rain. Rather, switching to Eyeglasses is a feasible way out. Collections like Graviate by Coolwinks and XSTYL by Coolwinks bring high-quality eyeglasses with water-resistant coating making them perfect for monsoon.


    wearing eyeglasses


    Hope these easy yet vital tips help you to protect your eyes in this season. Those who want to get themselves a good water-resistant pair of eyeglasses, log on to Coolwinks.com and take your pick from its exciting collections.

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