• 5 Tips on How to Match your Eyeglasses with Hairstyle

  •  Manish  | : Sept. 28, 2017, 10:30 a.m.
  • How to Match your Eyeglasses with Hairstyle
  • With evolving fashion, mindset of people is also changing. Earlier, wearing eyeglasses used to be the most uncool thing. Anyone who wore spectacles was looked upon as a geek. But today, eyeglasses for men and women are considered as one of the most fashion accessories in the market. Whether a person has impaired or perfect vision, they are embraced with full fashion and excitement.


    And, what is more good about eyeglasses is that they come with zero power lenses too that are worn for fashion. Since, eyeglasses for women and men are available in a range that is limitless, it is difficult to choose the right one. More than this, it is more about complementing hairstyle with the style of eyewear.   


    So, let us see how you can look great with your hairstyle synced with your eyeglasses.


    #1. Know your Face Shape


    know your face shape for eyeglasses

    First and foremost thing is to select a hairstyle that suits your face. Once that is achieved, it will be much easier to choose the right style of frame for your eyes. Because ultimately, you will have to opt for the style that complements your face shape.


    If you have a heart shaped face, which is already broader at the top, avoid blunt cut or straight across bangs and top heavy frames.


    #2. Stay Updated with the Trends


    stay updated with the trends

    There are many things that influence your fashion sense. Like reading a magazine, watching a runway show or simply checking out the street fashion. Whatever it is, stay updated with who is wearing what and how. You might find a style tip there.


    #3. If you Have Bangs


    if-you have bangs

    If you have bangs and you want to see whether your current hairstyle looks good with your eyeglasses or better with a bare forehead, you can clip on your bangs to see the after effect.


    #4. Carry your Glasses when Visiting your Hair Stylist


    carry your glasses when visiting  your hair stylist

    Hair stylists will advice you on the best hairstyle but if you carry your pair along with you, your stylist will be able to guide you better.


    #5. Hair Color, an Important Factor  


    hair color an important factor

    You might not agree but your hair color also helps you decide what kind of eyeglasses will suit your hairstyle. So, before going for a hair color, carry your spectacles with you. And, your stylist will accordingly select the hair color.


    These are very simple tips yet they make a bigger impact on your overall look. So, implement these while buying eyeglasses online.  


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