• 5 Things To Keep in Mind While Buying Sports Sunglasses

  •  Manish  | : June 20, 2017, 5:33 p.m.
  • 5 things to keep-in mind while shop sports eyewear
  • From playing golf to riding bikes, from swimming to hiking in the mountains, and in so many other activities, one accessory that you need is sports sunglasses. They shield your eyes from dust and wind, enabling you to see clearly. Even when it is foggy or smoky, you can easily see what’s ahead of you. Which means, your performance is not affected due to weather conditions and outdoor environment.


    Designed for every sport, sports sunglasses come in a wide variety of colors, designs and coatings, but it is very important to keep in mind these 5 parameters for buying the right one.


    1. UV Protection


    uv rays

    A pair, which ensures 100% UV protection, is the first priority while you are selecting protective eyewear. Because long term exposure to the sun’s UV rays may increase the risk of cataracts.


    2. Style and Shape


    style and frame shape

    While choosing sports sunglasses, it is also essential that you buy the right style which is wraparound. It covers your eyes thoroughly from the sides and top ensuring greater level of eye protection against dust, wind and smog.


    3. Adjustable Nose Pads


    nose pad

    To get a perfect fit, your eyewear should have nose pads that you can adjust according to your comfort level.


    4. Polarized Lenses



    When light from any source hits a flat surface like land, water, etc., it causes glare which gets into your eyes and makes it difficult for you to focus on anything. Hence, your sports sunglasses should have polarized lenses that can help in minimizing the glare, reducing eye strain, enhancing visual clarity and improving color perception.


    5. Scratch-Resistant Coating


    scratch resistant coating

    When you are involved in any outdoor sports activity, your eyewear is susceptible to wear and tear which comes in form of cracks and scratches due to harsh windy conditions, etc. So, when you purchase your protective eyewear, it is advised that you opt for a durable scratch-resistant coating.


    If you are looking to buy these special sunglasses, then head to Coolwinks.com. It is a one-top shop online eyewear portal which offers a wide and vivid range of all kinds of eyewear for men and women in top brands like JRS, Reebok and more.

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