• 5 Signs That You Need an Eye Examination

  •  Manish  | : July 3, 2017, 12:05 p.m.
  • need to know about eye examination
  • If you go by the general rule, you need an eye exam at least once in a year. But since, vision changes over a course of time, you might need to see your eye specialist not once but whenever it is needed. But how will you know the time has come? Don’t think too much, just have a look at these 5 signs that will indicate when to visit your doctor.


    1. Pain in the Eyes


    pain in the eyes

    If you are experiencing a severe eye pain, there is a need to call your eye doctor. The potential causes of the problem include lack of sleep and seasonal allergies.


    2. Headache



    During a day, your eyes are at stress the most. Whether you are reading, working on a computer or laptop, watching TV or otherwise also. Too much of this puts your eyes to fatigue and this results in headache. A severe headache can lead to vision problems if not taken care of at the right time. So, when there is even a little bit of eye pain, don’t take it for granted.


    3. Forgetting the Last Eye Exam


    If you don’t remember when you last went for an eye test, then it is time to book an appointment. Most of the times, you don’t realize that your eyes constantly undergo a lot of strain and with age, they become prone to various problems. And, that is why the need of regular check-ups also increases.


    4. Sudden Alteration in Vision


    All of a sudden, if you realise your vision has become blurred or you are unable to focus, it is a sign that you need to see your eye care specialist. Even if the blurry vision comes and goes, it can be worrying.


    5. Light Sensitivity


    If your eyes are sensitive towards sunlight, bright light or fluorescent light and can’t withstand it, then eye consultation is required. Because light sensitivity can lead to many problems like eye diseases and infection.


    Besides these, there are other indicators like dry, red and itchy eyes, flashes of light, family history of diabetes and not being able to read books or newspapers. If you face any of the above problems, then you should know, it is time to get your eyes checked.


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