• 5 Reasons Why You Need Half Rim Eyeglasses

  •  Manish  | : March 28, 2017, 12:07 p.m.
  • half frames eyeglasses
  • Full frames or half frames is always a bigger question on your mind when you are planning to buy a pair of glasses. Although, there are three types of frames- full frames, rimless frames and half rim frames, but the tug of war is between a full frame and a half-frame. Both look equally great and accentuate your look but then what is it that which helps you in comparing both the styles and indicate half rim is better than a full rim?


    Here are 5 reasons why you should choose half rim over full rim:


    1. 1. Looks


    Full rim glasses give a classic full-bodied look but if you want to go for a sophisticated and mature look, a pair of half rim eyeglasses is what you need.  


    1. 2. Weight


    If you are comfortable wearing heavy glasses, then you can easily carry full-rim glasses but if you prefer lightweight frames, then half-rim glasses are for you. And since you are supposed to wear spectacles for extended hours, then you should pick lighter frames.


    1. 3. Lenses

    Thick and large corrective lenses can be easily fitted into a full rim design but not in half-frame. But, since the technology has become so advanced that you don’t need to wear traditional style thick lenses and because even thin lenses offer you with a powerful vision. So, here you can go for half-rim glasses.  


    1. 4. Face Shape


    If you have a diamond face shape or face-down triangle shape, then you can go for a semi-rimless frames. Even if you personally like to wear full frames, then you should know that choosing a frame design according to your face shape makes a lot of sense. It can make or break your look.


    1. 5. Ideal for Grown Ups


    If you are an adult or an older teenager, you can choose to wear half-frame glasses because they are delicate as compared to full frame and not meant for kids.


    These are the 5 biggest advantages of buying a semi-rim or half-frame glasses. If you want to explore designs, and colors in these, then head to Coolwinks eyewear. This online e-store offers you with a wide range of glasses of all types like semi rimless top reading glasses, semi rimless prescription glasses along with eye protection glasses for computer screen. Choose glasses from top class of brands.

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