• 5 Major Differences Between Full and Half Frames Spectacles

  •  Manish  | : May 22, 2017, 1:55 p.m.
  • half frame glass vs full frame glass
  • While shopping for spectacles, you often get confused between full frame and half-frame. It is actually a tough thing to decide, more than choosing a pair of eyeglasses. Therefore, here are some points of difference that will help you decide which one to buy for yourself. Here are given five factors that everybody must know about that differences.


    1. Construction and Design:


    While full frame eyeglasses are the ones, in which the lenses are fully held by a plastic, metal or polycarbonate frame. And, in a half-frame style, only the upper half of the lens is covered by a frame and the rest of the part is left open, i.e., without a rim.


    2. Purpose and Look:


    Full frame glasses give a full-bodied look whereas half frame styles are ideal for a matured and sophisticated look. If you want to accentuate the appearance of your face, then a full-frame is better than a pair of half-rimmed eyeglasses.


    3. Weight:


    When choosing your eyewear, weight is important. Bulky styles will be a deterrent in your vision. Therefore, half frames are ideal. Not that full frames are heavy but because half-frame constructions are lighter in weight than full-framed eyeglasses. If you wear eyeglasses for a long period, then it is a good idea to either buy half-frame or lightweight full framed eyeglasses. 


    4. Lenses:


    If you are going for thick corrective lenses, then only full rim eyeglass frames can bear their weight. In addition, if your lenses are too thin, then, again full frames can hold them better as in a half-frame construction; thin lenses are prone to breakage and UN safe too.


    5. Maintenance:


    While full-frame eyeglasses are easy to care, half-frames are delicate and involve a lot of care and maintenance, as they do not cover the lenses completely.


    Now that you understand the basic yet major differences between the two types, it will now be easy to choose the appropriate style. Online, there are a lot of options in spectacles for mens and womens in all styles, colors, designs and brands.


    In shapes, you can shop, full frame round eyeglasses, rectangular shaped half-rimmed glasses, etc. Colors are both basic and bright ones. Besides these, online stores also offer computer eyeglass frames, non-prescription glasses, and fashion sunglasses.


    Avail online deals on your purchase to grab stylish eyeglasses frames and goggles in best prices and add them to your accessory collection. Get inspired and let others get inspired by your unique style statement.

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