• 5 Latest Eyewear Trends of Summer 2017

  •  Manish  | : June 3, 2017, 6:24 p.m.
  • eyewear trends of summer 2017
  • There is no particular time or season to buy sunglasses. Because these are the accessories that work all the year round, both as fashion staples and for functionality. The only thing you need to know is what is the most trending style. To help you choose the right one, we have rounded up 5 styles for summer 2017.



    Oversized Summer Shades



    This year is dedicated to the styles that have made a comeback. And one of them is oversized shades for women. Popular among many celebrities, this style can make you look like one. Shapes can vary from round to cat-eye and butterfly. They are available in many colors and designs.


    Clear White Sunglasses

    clear white

    Gone are the times, when you would choose brighter hues in sunglasses for attracting all the attention to your face. But, this summer, it is about embracing the power of simplicity and taking a new approach to look fashionable and glamorous. So, clear frames are here that will complement your dark colored outfits too.


    Flat Top Sunglasses


    flat top

    Best types of sunglasses for men, flat top styles, as the name suggests, have a flat top and they are mostly designed in sleek metal frames. They are more stylish and look much bolder than pilot shades. So, give that roundness some break and gear up for this dandy eyewear.


    Pilot Eyewear


    pilot eyewear

    Your anywhere and anytime shades. The style is unisex and is timeless. No other style can beat pilot eyewear when it comes to wearing a simple yet elegant look. Designed in sleek metal frames, you can choose to play with metallic and solid colored frames.

    Round Mirrored Goggles



    Not only your summer, but your fall accessory collection is incomplete without a pair of round mirrored goggles. Round Sunglasses are a perfect blend of looks and functionality and are available in solid colors as well as patterned frames. Although, the lenses are not polarized, but the mirror like effect will restrict sunrays from getting into your eyes, ensuring, they stay protected.


    At Coolwinks.com, you will find summer eyewear fashion in all these trending styles like colors, shaped and more.

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