• 5 Eyewear Styles for People Who Love Everything Geeky!

  •  Manish  | : Nov. 10, 2017, 11:08 a.m.
  • eyewear styles for people who love everything
  • Let’s admit, eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory and not just a necessity. Today, people with glasses are no longer held back with their geeky image. Rather, geeky is the new stylish! Take examples of celebrities from the genre of art, fashion and entertainment who love to wear glasses even when they have perfect eyes – all for a nerdy twist. Here are some fashion-favorite eyeglasses to celebrate your geekiness just like they do.


    1 Captivating Clubmasters- There’s no better way to look chic and that too, with intellectual severity than with clubmasters eyeglasses. With great attention to the eyebrow-area, these give you just the right amount of statement for personal style. Pair these with all your formals and casual attires alike and never look back to your old frames.


    captivating clubmasters eyeglasses

    2 Round & Retro – Remember those grandmoms’ glasses? They have officially returned. Get prints or plain, round eyeglasses will bring great contrast to everything you grace yourself in. A retro style to be proud of, these will totally change your appearance while you’re reading a book or are partying off-hours.


    round and retro eyeglasses

    3 Metallic Masters – Metal Frames impart your look the nerdiness with a delicate twist of design. Make sure to pair these up with your sporty outfits to get great compliments from around. Try various eyeglasses’ shapes and designs – all in metals - to be the futuristic-fashionista in line.


    metallic masters eyeglasses

    4 Charming Cat-eyes – Be high on style yet unapologetically geeky with cat-eye eyeglasses. Get experimental and carry a different pair for every different occasion yet exude the studious charm wherever you go in them.


    charming cat eyes glasses

    5 Trending TransparentTransparent eyeglasses upgrade your look in a jiffy. Both vintage and contemporary, these come in various bold and slim frame styles for you to choose from. Conquer the hottest trend in eyewear with transparent frames and channel your inner geek-chic in them.


    trending transparent glasses

    With brands like Graviate, JRS & XSTYL, Coolwinks brings fashion at the tip of your hands. Browse through the wide collection of fashionable eyeglasses online for men and women in various shapes, sizes and designs and give your eyes the bespoke sophistication they deserve.

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