• 5 Easy Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

  •  Manish  | : April 1, 2017, 7:33 p.m.
  • 5 easy eye exercises to improve vision
  • In the last few years, the number of spectacle and contact lens users have risen drastically. And the credit goes to the long working hours on digital screens that have become an inseparable part of today’s lifestyle. As we are progressing and moving ahead with technology, the eyes are getting affected the most. More than hands and legs, they are at work most of the time during a day. On the other hand, many people have accepted the fact that because of such lifestyle, someday, they will be prey to various eye diseases and vision problems and they mentally ready to embrace spectacle glasses frames. Then why not take initiatives to keep eyes healthy and strong? Also know the reasons for damage your eyes and vision

    While you cannot cure most of the eye problems, but if you make these exercises as a part of your daily routine, you can either reduce the chances of developing eye related disorders or improve your vision.


    1. 1. Blinking

    eye blinking

    While working on computer, laptop, or a mobile, you forget to blink your eyes because most of the work requires focusing. This makes your eyes tired and they lose on some strength. So, ensure you are blinking your eyes at an interval of every 3-4 seconds to reduce eyestrain and keep them refreshed.  


    1. 2. Figure of Eight


    figure of eight

    Imagine there is a giant 8-digit figure in front of your eyes at about a distance of 10 feet. Turn it on its side and start tracing the silhouette with your eyes starting from one way (starting from left or right eye). Do this exercise slowly and switch to doing it from the other side. This is a simple exercise and increases flexibility of your eye muscles.


    1. 3. Near and Far Focussing

    near and far focussing

    Follow these simple steps to improve your overall vision health:

    • Sit or stand in a comfortable position
    • Put your thumb in a hitchhike position in front of eyes and focus on it
    • Now focus on another object placed at about 10-20 feet in front of you
    • While taking a deep breath, switch your focus from your thumb to that object
    • Do it for 2-3 minutes


    1. 4. Zoom


    Do this exercise for a few minutes anytime throughout the day.

    • Sit in a comfortable position
    • Stretch your arm straight, keeping your thumb in a hitchhike position
    • Now focus on your thumb maintaining the position of your arm
    • Bring your thumb closer to you without losing the focus till it reaches at a distance of 3 inches from your face
    • Bring back your thumb to the old position by moving it away from your face till your arm is fully stretched.


    1. 5. Palming

    hand palming

    To relieve stress around your eyes, this is a great exercise.

    • Before you start, inhale to take a few deep breaths
    • Lean forward towards a desk and relax
    • Rub the palms of your hands strongly so that they become warm
    • Now place the palms immediately on your eye lids
    • Let your eyes feel the warmth
    • Stay in the same position until the heat is completely transferred from your hands to the eyes
    • Keep the eyes closed, lower the hands and repeat the process at least thrice by again rubbing your palms and soothing your eyes.


    It is also advised that you visit an eye specialist at least once a year to ensure a good health of your eyes and control vision problems. Along with this, these exercises may also improve your vision health.

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