• 5 Color and Style Trends in Glasses for Women for 2017

  •  Manish  | : March 26, 2017, 1:10 p.m.
  • 5 color trends in glasses
  • Finding perfect pair of eyeglasses is never easy, in fact confusing, because of unlimited colors and styles available in them. And, since, the word ‘eyeglasses’ sounds like a pair of boring prescription glasses, they are generally looked upon as glasses just for correcting vision. But, with evolving trends in the eyewear industry and innovative designs launching in sunglasses, eyeglasses frames are not behind. Many fashion conscious women around the globe are now becoming aware of fresh and stylish designs in glasses for women.


    If you have been looking to buy prescription glasses online or just want to upgrade your old ones, then here are top 5 color trends for the season. Know about them to pick the best and trending color for your eyeglasses.


    5 Color Trends


    1. Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses


    One of the hottest trends this season is tortoise shell eyeglasses frames. They are crafted in acetate material and painted in different color combinations, imitating the skin of a tortoise. Find them in thick and bold designs to suit your preferences. They are perfect to complement your fall/winter outfit.
    2. Clear White Spectacles


    While tortoise shell inspired glasses are having their moment, but they have still left some room for clear white glasses. These are ideal for frames with prescription or power lenses. They look subtle yet are stylish. An oversized pair can be a great pick, but it should complement your face. When it comes to shapes, go for square frames as they go well with round, oval and heart-shaped faces.


    3. Golden Metal Wireframe Eyeglasses


    Gold is everywhere, from clothes to shoes and accessories, so, metallic look eyeglasses in golden color are all the rage and have formed a part of the latest collection of eyeglasses. They are:   


    ?    Statement makers
    ?    Look elegant and delicate
    ?    Versatile and can be worn anytime


    Choose to go for a round or a square frame for a classic look.


    4. Black Rimmed Eyeglasses


    These are evergreen glasses for women that have been in trend since long and still, they are one of the bestsellers today. Whatever the theme of your outfit is- formal, casual or party wear, black rimmed eyeglasses are perfect for every look.
    They look stylish in almost all shapes like rectangular, square, round and cat-eye glasses.  


    5. The Brights- Red, Pink, and Purple Colored Eyeglasses


    This season is more about wearing bright colors. And, women are embracing bold feminine colors when choosing spectacles online. From fiery reds to plush pinks and sassy purples, all these colors make up for a perfect choice for fashionistas.


    While red color looks great in a cat-eye frame, a subtle pink looks attractive in round and square frames and purple fit in almost all kinds of frames.


    You can buy eyeglasses online in India in new and trendy designs available at Coolwinks. Brands here offering a wide range of eyewear including prescription eyeglasses and glasses for computer users.


    So, head to this one of the biggest online stores and start splurging.

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