• 4 Tips To Help You Find The Right Eyeglasses

  •  Manish  | : March 26, 2017, 12:55 p.m.
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  • You need eyeglasses every day. But when you think of upgrading them, you feel there is a certain kind of setback that you just can’t shop the right eyeglasses for yourself. And, that is the reason you keep wearing the old pair. One of the major reasons for not being able to choose the right frame is that you are not aware of various factors that are critical and make a huge difference in shopping eyeglasses. One wrong pair and you will never wear it.


    But worry not, here are 4 easy tips that can help you buy the appropriate spectacle frames without any hassles.


               1. Purpose and Needs


    You are all set to buy a fresh pair of eyeglasses. But have you thought for which purpose are you buying one or as a wearer, how will you be benefitted by this? It is time you should know your personal and professional needs.


    If you are a student- Eye-catching shapes, attractive colors and bigger than usual size frames are perfect.

    If you are a business professional- Metal frames are best in oval and rectangular shapes.

    If you are a creative person- Modern frames with geometric shapes made in plastic or metal in unusual colors are the right picks.


            2. Know the Right Size


    Another important factor is the size of the glasses. Choose a size that complements your face size (measured from temple to temple). If the size is 4.5 inches then the suggested frame size is 49 mm and similarly 52 mm for 5 inches, 55 mm for 5.25 inches, 57 inches for 5.5 inches and so on.


             3. Color

    Color of the frame is an important factor that can make or break your natural look. So, choose a color that complements your features and skin tone. The first step to selecting the right shade is to know your skin tone.


    Warm Complexion

    Warm skin tone is the one that has a peach, yellow, bronze or golden cast to your skin. If you fall under this type, then avoid wearing white, black and bright colored frames. Rather, choose honey, beige, brown, light tortoise and olive green shades.


    Cool Complexion

    you have a cool skin tone if you have blue and pink undertones. So, wear frames that are black, silver, blue, dark tortoise, pink, purple, mauve and gray.


             4. Face Shape


    Face shape is another primary factor that you should keep in mind while buying eye frames.


    Round Face


    Go for square and rectangular eyeglass frames to make your round face appear longer and slimmer. Avoid rimless, round and small frames.


    Oval Face


    Geometric frames that are wider than the width of the face are perfect. Avoid large frames.


    Square Face


    Oval and round eyeglasses frames are best if you have a square face shape. Avoid angular and boxy silhouettes.

    Diamond Face


    Wear cat-eye or oval frame to accentuate your cheekbones. Avoid narrow and boxy frames.


    Heart-Shaped Face


    Round or square eyeglasses having curved edges will divert the attention from broad forehead. Avoid frames with embellished tops and decorative temples.

    You do not have to be an expert to buy eyeglasses. Just keep in mind these 4 things and you will never get stuck while buying eye frames online. At Coolwinks, you will find all styles and designs in specs frames for men and women in best prices and great quality. So, head online and shop now.

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