• 3 Tips on How to Look Fashionable in Eyeglasses?

  •  Manish  | : May 27, 2017, 1:14 p.m.
  • 3 tips on how to look fashionable in eyewear
  • To look good always, you don’t have to rely on contact lenses because yes, you can look stunning even in eyeglasses. But, there are some pre-requisites for that. You should always consider your face shape in mind along with your complexion, while choosing glasses. And, once you have that perfect one for your face, you can experiment with your looks.


    Here are the three tips:


    1. Wearing makeup with eyeglasses


    wearing makeup with eye frame


    If you thought you could not carry your spectacle frames with make-up, then here is a trick. Whenever you are applying an eye shadow, ensure it complements the color of your frame. If your eyeglasses frame is brown, you can apply a blue shade. To highlight your eyes, you should not miss a deep black eye-liner. If the frame is white, opt for blue liner. For choosing lip shade, again it has to be according to your frame color. Like, wear a pink or red lip shade if the frame is either black or brown in color. Add metallic touch to your make up if the frame is pink.


    2. Matching hair color with eyeglasses frame


    Matching hair color with eye frames


    Many women love red hair color so, if your hair color is this, choose eyeglasses with copper frames. If your hair color is brunette then go for dark blue shades or cherry and for blonde color, any bright colored frame will look good or even transparent.


    3. Complementing hairstyle with eyeglasses

    complementing hairstyle

    If you wear wide glasses, make a smooth hairstyle which is not creating volume at the sides of your face. For big round frames, curly and wavy hair look great. If you love wearing small frames, then straight hairstyle is a big no. Lastly, if you want people to focus on your designer glasses, then ultra-short haircut with bright eye makeup is recommended.


    While you are implementing these tips, you should also take care of the following things:


    • Never wear false eyelashes with eyeglasses. Opt for contact lenses
    • Eyebrows must be in shape for a clean and groomed look


    Before you wear glasses, make sure you correct skin imperfections like puffy eyes and dark circles so your glasses do not emphasise them.

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