Anti Reflective Glasses

Eyeglasses with specially coated lenses to reduce the extra glare for a better and comfortable vision

Say Bye-Bye To Unwanted Reflections

Embrace a crystal-like clear vision by using anti-reflective glasses that feature a specialized coating known as ‘AR coating’ or ‘anti-glare coating’. It works by eliminating the reflections or glare from the front and back sides of your lenses. This allows for more light to pass through your lenses, minimizing distractions and reducing the visibility of lenses which gives you a seamless vision. Anti-reflective glasses also reduce eyestrain, offer sharper vision and high comfort level during extended computer use and they also look attractive than regular eyeglasses. Whether you are driving at night or working on a computer screen, anti-reflective or anti-glare glasses are suitable for all times.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Ideal For Every Purpose

Anti-reflective coating is not only good for prescription glasses but is also ideal for fashion sunglasses. When the sun is behind you, this coating helps eliminate glare from sunlight from reflecting into your eyes from the back side of tinted lenses.

But Why Choose Anti-Reflective Glasses?

  • They leave no room for reflections because of the special coating
  • Help reduce strain on your eyes by eliminating glare from digital devices and car headlights
  • Make your eyeglass lenses look almost invisible, giving you a crystal-clear vision
  • Ideal for prescription glasses as well as sunglasses
  • Perfect for night driving
  • Offer superior comfort

How To Care For Glasses With AR Coating Lenses

If your eyeglasses have an anti-reflecting coating, you need to give them a special care to extend their life span and secure the coating as well. Because it is the AR coating which lets you see better. Use only optician recommended products because if you use any other lens cleaner, you never know the harsh chemical in it might damage the coating on your lenses.

To clean your AR coated glasses, wet them first. Use only soft cloth to wipe off the lens cleaner. Never wipe them when dry. You can also use warm water in place of cleaner. Apart from this, always keep them in a case when not in use to protect them from scratches. Lastly, handle your eyeglasses with care.


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