Anti-Glare Lenses

Pellucid Anti-Glare Lenses- For Sharp and Crystal Clear Vision

Anti-glare or anti-reflective lenses by Pellucid feature innovative design and are designed using modern technology that makes them clear and bright so that you get a sharp vision. Pellucid anti-glare lenses are specially coated lenses that restrict unwanted reflections from getting into your eyes, reduce eyestrain so that you can see comfortably and better. This coating allows a good amount of light to pass through your lenses of your eyeglasses which minimizes distractions and makes your lens look almost invisible, giving you a seamless vision.

Anti-glare coating is suitable for prescription eyewear as well as for sunglasses. When you are in an outside environment and your back is facing the sun, this AR coating restricts glare from sunlight from reflecting into your eyes from the backside of tinted lenses, helping you to see clearly without blinking.

Features of Pellucid Anti-Glare Lenses

  • Clear and bright
  • Extremely comfortable and safe
  • Provide improved vision
  • Come with anti-scratch coating
  • Standard range of lenses starts at Rs.749

Benefits of Using Anti-Glare Lenses

Functionality- Anti-glare lenses minimize eyestrain and eliminate reflections from getting into your eyes so that you see clearly.
Versatility- Ideal for eyeglasses for computer and regular use and sunglasses for day and for night driving.
Comfort- They offer superior comfort to the wearer.
  • 1. Are anti-glare lenses ideal for computer users?

    Yes, lenses with anti-reflective or anti-glare coating feature a special technology which helps restricts the glare from getting into your eyes and offers a sharp and comfortable vision while you are working on a computer. Because when you work on a digital screen, the blue light emitted from it can harm your eyes and cause eyestrain. That is why it is recommended that you wear eyeglasses with anti-glare lenses that may help in filtering out the dangerous blue light.

  • 2. What is Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS? How dangerous is it for the eyes?

    According to a research, it has been found out that most of the people work on computers or laptops more than 6 hours in a day. This makes their eyes prone to eyestrain and disables them to see clearly. And, this is called CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome which has become a major issue among students, working professionals, and even small kids.

    When you work on a computer, tablet or laptop for extended periods, the eyes get strained leading to headache and face itchiness and dryness, giving you a blurred vision and loss of focus. This is because your eyes move back and forth and react to changing images without a break. And, on top of that the screen emits glare and contrast, resulting in a discomforting vision.

    Over time, the health of your eyes also deteriorate. Because as you age, the lenses of your eyes lose flexibility and by the time you reach the age of 40, your ability to focus on near and far objects also starts going down, leading to Presbyopia.

  • 3. What does eye-strain or fatigue mean? And does it have any long term consequences?

    Eye-strain is a single word which describes a group of symptoms like headache, blurred vision and dry and itchy eyes. It is caused by prolonged use of computers, mobiles and laptops and also when your eyes struggle to see clearly in dark or when exposed to too much of bright light.

    Although, eyestrain doesn’t have long term or severe consequences, but if not controlled can be painful, unpleasant, aggravating and can minimise your ability to focus.

  • 4. What is the impact of glare on the eyes? And does it lead to any complications?

    While light is important for vision, it results in glare which causes various eye-related problems. When there is too much of bright light or when it is reflected from the surface of mirror or computer screen, it causes glare which enters your eyes, making you squint often and disabling you to see clearly. All this further leads to eyestrain which can reduce your ability to concentrate.

  • 5. What is asthenopia? Does it lead to any complications?

    Asthenopia is nothing but eyestrain. It is a condition which involves a group of symptoms like headache, fatigue, pain in and around the eyes, red eyes, blurry vision and double vision at times. Continuous working on a computer, reading a book, or any intense visual task that requires eyes and their muscles to work harder, causes all this.

    There are no such complications or long-term effects of eyestrain but if not controlled, may aggravate and reduce your ability to focus.

  • 6. How can you avoid developing asthenopia?

    To minimise the chances of developing eyestrain or Asthenopia, it is better to use a quality pair of reading glasses or computer glasses with anti-glare coating depending on the kind of work you are involved in.

  • 7. How can you maintain the health of your eyes?

    Here are some simple and essential tips that you can implement in your daily routine to enhance the health of your eyes:

    • Eat nutrient rich foods like kale, spinach, fish, salmon, tuna, etc.
    • Wear protective eyewear while playing any sport and sunglasses when stepping out in the sun.
    • Refrain from smoking as it increases the chances of problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and optic nerve damage.
    • Keep blinking your eyes for 20 seconds in every 20 minutes to escape eyestrain and fatigue.
    • If you are a lenses user, wash your hands properly before wearing them or taking them off. Clean them daily with fresh lens solution.
    • Once in 6 months, go for a comprehensive eye exam to know the status of your vision health.
  • 8. What is the right way of cleaning anti-glare lenses?

    Follow the steps to increase the life span of anti-glare lenses:

    • Never clean your lenses when they are dry. Always start by rinsing them with a stream of warm running water to wash away dirt and other particles. Don’t submerge them in the water.
    • To wash these specially coated lenses, mix dish soap, liquid soap or AR safe cleaning fluid in water and continue by gently rubbing the lenses with this soapy water. Avoid using rough sponge or scouring pad as it will damage the coating.
    • Now use warm water to clean away the soapy water and shake the glasses gently ensuring the excess water sheds away.
    • Finally, wipe away any traces of water using a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth. You can also use the one which comes with a pair of eyeglasses.
  • 9. How much do anti-glare lenses cost?

    The anti-glare lenses price in India by a popular brand- Pellucid starts at INR. 749.

  • 10. Are anti-glare lenses worth buying?

    Anti-glare lenses are totally worth it. They are ideal to be used in eyeglasses as well as sunglasses and fit for various purposes like night driving, reading, and for regular use. Plus, the comfort that they offer to your eyes is unmatched.


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